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Jenny Kettle



My Story

When I started purchasing Scentsy via the website, I had never heard of the brand before. I was just looking for a laundry product that smelt good and was easy to use!

Sad as it may be my dream from a Teenager was to have a big american top loader washing machine and finally I'd been able to get one and I love it like another child 🤣
I wanted to get a something special for it that had a selection of fragrances, was good for stain removal, good for sensitive skins and easy to measure out (the pump does all the work). And I fell in love! With Scentsy and the Machine haha!

A short while after my first purchase of the laundry liquid, I was so impressed I thought I should try a small warmer and wax, before I knew it I was signing up as a consultant.

I nearly been a Scentsy for 2 years and I love the products and my desire is to get others to experience what I experience at home everyday, which is a genuine love of coming home and feeling that my home is my sanctuary!
I now have my warmers set on timers ready for when I walk though the door and an I can’t tell you how excited a new scent in the laundry and clean lines make me!!

Even the neighbors comment on how lovely my house smells from outside, now that's impressive!!!

Check out the different items and any questions or if you’d like to get a physical catalogue feel free to message me, I'll make sure your always getting the best offers, and don't forget to come back for your top ups on x x

My Favourite Scents